Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Infamous 2..... i loved infamous 1 the best superhero game i have played with such a great story to go along with it..... infamous 2 brings us first hand the BEAST... which is a awesome battle in the beginning.... it gives us high definition graphics and amazing new powers everything i wanted number 2 too be but im very disapointed in the story and the gameplay it just dont live up too the first one the story is long and boring with stupid objectives and the feel of the game is dole you dont feel bad to the bone anymore you dont feel like infamous.... the enemys are disapointing with little variety and they kill you so fast which makes you not feel awesome.... all in all if you want to know what happens in infamous 2 i recommend it but if you never played number1 or you just think your gonna bust up and have a blast your really not its frustratingly boring........

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