Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The next game im waiting for is prototype 2 i havent really looked into it but i know its gonna have amazing graphics and bosses. what i love bout number 1 is the b-a ness you feel when you play.. the running on walls the transforming the weapons you get. the brutality the meleeing i loved it but it needed better graphics.... so that why im so excited for number 2 i hope its not gonna be a let down like infamous 2...... i hope they keep the same platform of number 1. i hope they dont change the feel of the game. thats where they mested up in infamous 2. the graphics better be amazing and the cutscenes..... you know what idont care what its bout just keep the feel of the first game. all i know is im buying it and you should too.

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  1. I also loved the first one and am hoping the sequel will be based on the same sort of feeling and I do think the second one could have some improvements that we all want to see.I also love infamous two. It's the feeling of being pure evil that makes me want to play it. Another good game so far is crysis two.